Kenneth is an American Film Director and TV Showrunner focused on dramatic storytelling and the Liberty movement. His career and scholarship extends to Cinema, Episodics, and the Advertising community at large.

Important tropes involved in Stevenson’s work involve the solemnity of the passage of time, the loyalty that binds family and friends, the relativity of socio-political opinions, the reverence of the elderly, and the struggle of displaced transcendentalists. Stevenson frequently draws from themes present in punk / alternative rock music and Libertarianism
(Counter-Culturalism, Self-Reliance, and Desire for Rebellion) to express his frustrations with centralized government and oppressive ideologies.

While studying at Ball State University, his network blossomed from a creative incubator into a handful of startups due to a scholarship he received from David Letterman. It was at this point he met his business partners: frequent collaborator Andrew Bennett and talent manager Dylan Pieri.

His first feature film Cheery Point (New World OrdeRx)  was created while studying at Ball State University in 2012 and was distributed internationally. At this time he experimented with television while crafting a series he directed called Rapture– featuring Lew Temple (The EndlessThe Walking Dead, Atlas Shrugged) and Rob Pralgo (The Vampire Diaries). In June of 2018, Stevenson’s series Cerebral was recognized at SeriesFest as one of 13 official selections internationally in the Drama category. He has worked for Time Warner, SONY and been the recipient of various local film festival awards.

A dual entrepreneur and artist at heart, Stevenson’s began releasing his productions under his banner Thermidor LTD. in 2021. He engages regularly with other storytellers, cinephiles, and intellectuals on his podcast Conversations with Kenneth and was awarded a scholarship in 2021 from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

He co-founded Digital Alliance in 2015 to service nonprofits and small businesses with their video marketing and co-founded Secret Oath in 2023 to create commercial content for Midwestern brands through character-driven storytelling. He is currently signed as a commercial screenwriter and director there and is represented by Laurel Dobose at Gypsy.